Being a tourist

There is a quote at the end of latest Richard’s Linklater’s movie “Boyhood” when the guy who is the main character talks to a girl he just met and is spending a day with: “You know how everyone’s always saying seize the moment?” she asks him. “I don’t know, I’m kind of thinking it’s the other way around, you know, like the moment seizes us.”

Last Sunday I had the chance to spend a day full of ordinary moments that together created more than an ordinary day to remember.
Deciding to be a tourist in your own town brings you a whole new perspective on things and places you know, ohhh so well. For once when you leave home on Sunday act like you don’t know where to go and what is cool and see what happens.

So we didn’t eat in any secret bar that only locals know about (or Lonely Planet for that matter). We had lunch in a cafe on Leidseplein as it was on our way and we were hungry. We sat in the sun, ate, chatted with the waiter (‘no, no we are not Norwegian, Swedish no, not either’) and watched people pass by (or come in and out the Apple Store to be precise). Then we paid (nearly 50 euro for a burger and a salad-shame on you Leidseplein! But since we got a triple portion of ketchup we told ourselves it was worth it:D). Then we left in order to keep wandering the streets further, with no actual purpose for the reminder of the afternoon, as the tourists do. We didn’t meet anyone famous, we didn’t come across any friends from 10years ago, no one asked us out on a date. It’s not this type of a story. We did though get to spend too much money on things we probably don’t need (but they are sooooo beautiful!), ate desert before dinner, played board games in a bar, far too cute to be a random find (ok, ok it was Cafe Brecht-surely having half a page description in Lonely Planet by now), learned that houses on Kerkstraat are that small because the whole street used to consist of houses for the servants only and ended up going to cinema to watch ‘Boyhood’- the most extraordinary movie about an ordinary life (while eating far too much of peanuts and m&ms).

So if you don’t know what to do on Sunday or which city to choose for your next weekend trip-choose Amsterdam. If you are a real tourist or if you are not. And make sure you watch ‘Boyhood’ to help you cease the Moment.


I got sick and needed to stay in bed. I was still able to work though and spent quite an efficient day all after all. Fingers crossed to be back in shape for the weekend!


We went to see the new movie of Wes Anderson “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Amazing to watch, great pictures and lots of funny scenes with imply an amazing cast (everyone is in this movie!). Too bad I slept through some parts (getting sick) but at least there is a good reason to watch it again some time;)


In Frankfurt for work. I finished the afternoon working in Starbucks and waiting for Yvonne to pick me up after work. We had a great dinner at Froshin – really nice but also laid back restaurant in the city center. Good side of an expat life is having friends in many cities all over the world – always worth to visit on business trips ;)

Below just a photo of a cute wall installation from the restaurant.



A day in the Spa! I went to Conservatorium Hotel spa – it was my gift for birthday from my friends – just waiting for a perfect day to use it! I took Joanna with me. We had an amazing day – exactly what we needed. Yoga, sauna, jacuzzi, massage, swimming pool and lots of healthy fruits and teas throughout the day!