I got sick and needed to stay in bed. I was still able to work though and spent quite an efficient day all after all. Fingers crossed to be back in shape for the weekend!


We went to see the new movie of Wes Anderson “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Amazing to watch, great pictures and lots of funny scenes with imply an amazing cast (everyone is in this movie!). Too bad I slept through some parts (getting sick) but at least there is a good reason to watch it again some time;)


In Frankfurt for work. I finished the afternoon working in Starbucks and waiting for Yvonne to pick me up after work. We had a great dinner at Froshin – really nice but also laid back restaurant in the city center. Good side of an expat life is having friends in many cities all over the world – always worth to visit on business trips ;)

Below just a photo of a cute wall installation from the restaurant.



A day in the Spa! I went to Conservatorium Hotel spa – it was my gift for birthday from my friends – just waiting for a perfect day to use it! I took Joanna with me. We had an amazing day – exactly what we needed. Yoga, sauna, jacuzzi, massage, swimming pool and lots of healthy fruits and teas throughout the day!


Ultimate girls day! We treated ourselves to a pedicure session with Xenia and then went to Hilary’s for best ever dinner made solely out of veggies and other types of superfoods! Absolutely healthy and absolutely delicious! Watching ‘Mean girls’ altogether was a cherry on the top!